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essential travel FAQs
Q. What does the recent Stay at Home Order mean for Los Arboles Hotel and can I stay?
A. According to the state of California, no hotel or lodging entity in California can accept or honor out of state reservations for non-essential travel, unless the reservation is for at least the minimum time period required for quarantine and the persons identified in the reservation will quarantine in the hotel or lodging entity until after that time period has expired.
Additionally, hotels and lodging entities in a county under a Regional Stay Home Order cannot accept or honor in-state reservations for non-essential travel.

Hotels or other commercial and residential buildings may offer lodging for essential functions and travel including COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, treatment measures, accommodation for essential workers, or housing solutions, including measures to protect homeless populations.

This means that by checking into Los Arboles, you are acknowledging the you are
1) A resident of California and traveling for essential reasons as described above
2) You are a resident of California but intent to quarantine for 14 days
3) You are not a resident of California but your trip qualifies as essential travel
4) You are not a resident of California but you intend to quarantine for 14 days

Q. Who is an Essential Traveler?

A.The State of California has a list! Anyone that is categorized as part of the Essential Workforce (and is traveling for work) is allowed to stay at your hotel.

Q. Is an essential worker required to have any proof/documentation when making a reservation or checking in?

A. No. There is no requirement for a hotel to request any proof/documentation from an essential worker nor is there any single type of travel authorization for essential workers

Q. Other than essential workers, who else would be an essential traveler?

A. There are a few categories of guests who could be in an essential traveler, such as people who need to self-isolate or quarantine, people who cannot stay in their own home (such as when another household member is quarantining in the home), and people in the area to care for a vulnerable person, such as a minor/dependent, the elderly, or a person with disabilities.  Also allowed is anyone who needs 'housing', such as a person in transit to another location and needs accommodations along the way or a person who needs housing due to unforeseen circumstances, such as being a victim of domestic violence, a stranded traveler, or a person whose housing becomes uninhabitable, etc. Persons experiencing homelessness can also be accommodated.

Q. Is Palm Springs open?

A. Yes! It is open, with restrictions. Masks are required in Public Spaces. Retail is open with limited occupancy. Restaurants are closed to patio and inside dining, but open for take-out and delivery. 

We understand this information can be daunting, but please do not hesitate to give us a call should you have any questions. With our limited desk hours you may receive our voicemail. Please leave your name and message and we will get back to you soon. (760)-459-3136

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